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As the only local manufacturer in Indonesia specializing in this field, Arezda’s Extended Surface Tubing Manufacturing Division offers a great variety of FINNED TUBES coming in combination of various kinds and sizes of tubes and fin materials with the types of fins required.

Our <INGI>® Products, being manufactured according to international specifications including those of ASME quality standards, have since been produced to meet the stringent rules of applications in the petroleum/oil & gas industries. Classification of <INGI>® extended surface tubing is as below:

Helically Applied & Extruded Finned Tubes

KL Type
(Wrapped-on Knurled Footed Fin)

The "Knurled L-footed Fin” is similar to “L-footed Fin”, unless with greater
design temperature. The foot of the fin is knurled simultaneously with the inner
tubes, ensuring a tight contact between the fins and the inner tube.

Max. Design Temperature:
320OC (608OF)

L Type
(Wrapped-on Fin)

The “L-footed Fin” is a circular fin wrapped under tension around the base tube.
The feet of the fins cover the whole surface between fins. The L-foot provides
a large contact area ensuring a good path for heat transfer from base tube
surface to fin.

Max. Design Temperature:
130OC (266OF)

LL Type
(Overlapped Fin)

The “Overlapped L-footed Fin” is fabricated with a relatively greater amount of
fin material in the foot, ensuring full coverage of the base tube and prohibiting
any contact of the ambient with the base tube.

Max. Design Temperature:
180OC (356OF)

G Type
(Embedded Fin)

The “Embedded Fin” also referred to as applied fin, is a helically tension wound
fin embedded in the base tube material by first ploughing a groove, followed by
stretching the fin material into the groove and rolling the base material against
the base to achieve a good fin to tube bond.

Max. Design Temperature:
400OC (752OF)

Extruded Type
(Bimetal Finned Tube)

The “Extruded Fin” is made by covering the base tube with another aluminium
tube. The fin-tube contact is obtained by cold extrusion operation of the
aluminium by way of finning machine.

Max. Design Temperature:
300OC (572OF)

d = O.D. of Tube     D = O.D. of Finned Tube     f = Fins Per Inch (FPI)     t = Fin Thickness
Helically Welded Finned Tubes

(High-Frequency ERW Fins)


ERW Studded Tubes/Pipes

Other Types of Finned Tubes
etc. as per customer’s requirement.